Tools for Confidence

The Floyd Wickman Real Estate Kick Start Program has given me the tools to be more confident in my approach with my clients and the knowledge to increase my business. I am motivated and ready to GO! I would recommend this program to new agents like myself, or any agent that needs a ‘kick’ to motivate them to their highest potential!

Doug knows what works!

Training is a vital part of the success of my agents; I am constantly reminded of Doug Thompson’s value when I notice a spike in an agent’s production, which always correlates with the completion of their Floyd Wickman course. They become more Energetic, Confident, Enthusiastic, and Able to achieve their sales goals.

Doug’s system forces agents out of their comfort zone while offering structure and friendly accountability. Doug knows what works and what doesn’t. Doug and his system have helped me recruit, and he truly cares just as much about the success of my agents as I do.

Essential Tool

I fully endorse the Floyd Wickman training program tools! While working toward my goals this year, I have been able to use the listing presentation to its full capacity and I have been able to land more listings than any other year in my career. With the value this presentation brings, I have also been able to list homes that people wanted to sell themselves and receive full commission value without the “what is your rate?” question ever being asked.

This is an essential tool in today’s competitive market. I would probably be out of business without it.

These Presentations Work like Magic!

Presentations in my opinion are one of the most powerful tools that I use on a day-to-day basis. I have been in the business for two years, and would not be where I am today if not for the presentations and training I have received from Doug Thompson. These presentations work like magic! They handle most objections right up front and keeps me on point to build trust with clients.

I am beating out my competition, top producers, people that have been in business for years with these presentations. If you are looking to get the edge in presentations and boost your career, I highly recommend taking the floyd Wickman program and learning the presentations – they rock!

Thoroughly Impressed

I was thoroughly impressed with the Floyd Wickman course! After 10 years in the business, this course has put me back on track to a better attitude, more confidence, and more money. I directly attribute an additional $25–30,000 in commission earned over the duration of the course as a result of implementing the new skills and techniques I learned.