Floyd Wickman’s Real Estate KickStart Program

Floyd Wickman’s Real Estate KickStart Program

Welcome to the Floyd Wickman Real Estate KickStart Program!

Take a look at these seven topics which will give you the tools to further your skills with the KickStart Training Program:

How To Get Started Or Restarted In Real Estate…

Learn a skill, apply it, learn a skill, apply it… That’s how the Floyd Wickman Real Estate KickStart 7 Week Program gets guaranteed results. Our online Real Estate KickStart Program will empower you to:
  • feel confident, competent and natural working a system that will help you increase your production;
  • be in control, using proven dialogues and techniques to make more money in less time;
  • have a long-term strategy to build a powerful Book of Business with resale value;
  • assertively negotiate full commissions;
  • consistently generate referral leads weekly;
  • fearlessly list the toughest For Sale By Owners; and
  • professionally handle all buyer and seller objections and hesitations.

… And that’s just the beginning!

This program is offered as 7 modules plus a set of bonus videos available individually below. If you prefer, you can purchase the entire set (a $273.50 value!) for only $159.00!

If it is to be, it is up to me!

Whether you’ve been in the business or just starting out,
let Floyd Wickman change your life.
No ifs, ands, or buts about your success — it comes with a money back guarantee!

Looking for a primer or refresher on one specific area?
Check the list of individual modules available for $32.95 each!